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New Relay Video: Dramatical

February 26th, 2016


Dramatical” by Dave Devine Relay, performed and recorded live in Denver, CO.

Dave Devine: guitars, compositions
Paul McDaniel: bass guitar
Michael Bailey: synthesizers
Marc Dalio: drums

Produced and edited by Marc Dalio.
Directed by Zack Littlefield and Marc Dalio.
Filmed by Zack Littlefield, Eric Abramson, and John Grigsby.

Audio recorded by Ben Van Horne.
Audio mixed and mastered by Dave Devine and Michael Bailey.

Location provided by Fentress Architects.

Additional assistance by Steve Vidaic & Megan Letts (Immersive Studios), Adam Sanders, and Christine Devine.

Part of a series of three performance videos by DDR.

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