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DOORS THAT DON’T | Ep.35 | WereSoCool Concerts, Livestreamed December 10, 2020

Doors That Don’t EP Release, live-stream concert @ Mighty Fine Productions December 2, 2020

Dazzle Presents – The Good, the Bad, & the Devine, Livestreamed on July 14, 2020
Dave Devine – guitars; Tania Katz – vocals, whistling, accordion; Shane Endsley – trumpet, whistling; Tom Hagerman – violin; Patrick Lee – piano, keys; Jeanie Schroder – double bass; Shawn King – drums, percussion, glockenspiel, whistling

Dazzle Presents – Dave Devine Trio Live from Mighty Fine, Livestreamed on June 10, 2020
Dave Devine – guitar; Monique Brooks-Roberts – violin; Shane Endsley – trumpet and drums

Invisible Bird – Colorado Reel at Dee’s in Nashville, September 18, 2019

Invisible Bird Introduction


Three live music videos performed and recorded live in Denver, CO. Dave Devine: guitars, compositions; Paul McDaniel: bass guitar; Michael Bailey: synthesizers; Marc Dalio: drums. Produced and edited by Marc Dalio. Directed by Zack Littlefield and Marc Dalio. Filmed by Zack Littlefield, Eric Abramson, and John Grigsby. Audio recorded by Ben Van Horne. Audio mixed and mastered by Dave Devine and Michael Bailey. Location provided by Fentress Architects. Recorded August 2014.

Dave Devine Relay :: Siren

Dave Devine Relay :: Pando Echo

Dave Devine Relay :: Dramatical